What We Do

Bell Technology Solutions is your corner but never in your face, except when you need us to be. We put professionalism and privacy above all else. Security and reliability come standard, and if you have systems you love, we want to make them work better for you without reinventing the wheel.

Proactive Support

We offer 24/7 personalized support. We oversee system installations and upgrades, as well as real-time monitoring and maintenance of your systems and hardware.

Bell Tower Cloud

Every system or service we mange for you is highly available and backed up—twice. To make this happen with far better cost efficiency than typical tech support teams, we built the Bell Tower Cloud.


You want our cybersecurity experts on your side as we continuously test and monitor your systems to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your organization. We frequently provide training in self-defense to keep your staff safe from ransomware and other technology traps.


We specialize in working with clients who deal with strict regulatory standards and work hard to keep our clients in line with HIPAA and the SEC. We can help you design and manage compliance policies and keep them up to date as regulations evolve.

Data Backups and Warehousing

We provide storage solutions for efficient and safe data backup, and we manage everything from your everyday file recovery to your disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

App & Email Management

We’re experienced managers of all major email and office suites, whether they’re cloud, organization managed, or a hybrid. We also assist with the the maintenance, development, and operation of custom and industry-standard applications and database systems such as medical and financial applications.

Security Systems

We manage the functionality and efficiency of complex security systems, including security cameras and locks and the design of custom access control systems.

Cost Optimization

The cloud and other IT systems can quickly trap any organization in a purgatory of ever-growing licensing fees and application subscription costs. Bell Tech will help you centralize, simplify, and overcome the trickiest billing traps.