About Us

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Daniel J. Bell

Daniel Bell, founder and CEO, provides the technology vision and oversight to Bell Tech and its clients. After running an in-house IT department on Wall Street over 20 years ago, he quickly developed a reputation marked by technical expertise, dedication, trustworthiness, discretion, and what many have described as a calm and friendly yet utterly professional manner. Daniel prioritizes privacy, security, and efficiency by utilizing a unique mix of cutting-edge technologies along with bulletproof, tried-and-true standards.

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Celie Diack

Celie Diack, Chief Operating Officer, manages and oversees projects and relationships with all of our staff and yours. She makes sure that your needs are being met at every turn. When she joined our team in 2013, Celie served Bell Tech as a sales and relationship manager. She actively participated in the growth and evolution of Bell Tech, ensuring that business operations are efficient and adapted to our client’s needs. Celie’s persevering work and leadership led her to become our COO, where she boosts our team to be meticulous and to strive for excellence.

Our Global Team

Bell Tech’s team of customer support agents, support technicians, and technical specialists are always available for our clients. Every member of our technology team is tremendously versatile, has a passion for technology, and has people skills far beyond what you might expect from a technical support. We have the pleasure to work with experts with experience running financial trading system networks, administration of a massive astronomy data center, creating a global distributed delivery platform, and developing secure databases and applications.

global team design


holding a house and imagining its design

You don’t have to see the gears moving to know they’re working the way they’re supposed to. It’s like building your dream house. You don’t need to know what’s behind the walls. What matters is that your house is exactly the way you envisioned it and that it is built to last. That same principle applies to your technology—it should be tailored to your business needs with an emphasis on design, flexibility, efficiency and security. And, most critically, you have to be secure in the knowledge that the foundation is solid. But for those times when problems arise, or your needs change, Bell Tech will always know the right hammer to use for the right nail.